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October 30, 2015 | Wine Club | Jennifer, Owner/Winemaker

Winter 2015 Wine Club Shipment

Hey, We're Doing the Inventory Limbo

How low can we go...If you've been into the tasting room or on our (brand new) website lately, you've probably noticed that we are sold out of a large number of wines. While most would agree that this isn't a terrible problem to have because it means that we are selling wine faster than we can make it, there is still an issue in that we can't provide some of our most popular wines to our customers. As of the sending of this email, we are holding the lowest inventory in our company's history- enough for about 1-2 months of sales. This also means that as of this moment we don't have enough wine in our inventory to send a full wine club shipment- but have no fear, next Thursday we will be bottling two of the wines that Cliffside and Riverside members will be receiving in this shipment. It is not our desire to send out wines so quickly after they have been bottled, but we want to be sure to fulfill our promise to our dedicated wine club members by providing them with new and exciting wines; and in this case, all three CWC wines are unreleased, something we've only been able to do once before. 

In this shipment, Taste the Terroir members will be receiving the just bottled 2015 47-Ten Rosé, a perennial favorite that has sold out in less than six months over the last three years; the just bottled 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon that will reward you with some leisure time in your wine rack; and one of our special project wines from last year, and the 2014 "179", a fun blend of 66% Cabernet Sauvignon and 34% Cabernet Franc that we have anxiously been waiting to release with this shipment. Aeolian members will be receiving the unreleased 2014 Notus, just the second vintage of our spicy blend of Syrah and Petit Verdot, and the newly released 2014 Lips- sure to be an award winner like it's predecessors (did we mention that the 2013 Lips won the 2015 Colorado Governor's Cup!).

In case you need an extra reason to open a bottle from your shipment, you can join us in celebrating the fact that we are on track for the most successful year in Canyon Wind's 19-year history. Additionally, the 2015 Harvest was a record-breaker and we already have lots of exciting projects in the works and in mind to come from this year's crop that we can't wait to share with you soon!

Jay & Jennifer Christianson, Owners / Winemakers
and Finley, The Fine Wine Canine


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