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March 6, 2014 | Terroir Tidbits | Stacey, Retail Sales & Wine Club Director

Girl Scout Cookie Pairing With CO Wine!

Wine and food pairing is fun, and I highly recommend it whenever possible! Many people (myself included) are intimidated by the idea of experimenting with wine and food pairing, thinking it solely the domain of sommeliers and winemakers. But you can do it! Do you enjoy food? Do you love wine? Do you have functional taste buds? If you answered “yes” to all three, then you’re qualified! I have educated myself a little, to avoid truly tragic pairings, and loved Taste Buds and Molecules: The Art and Science of Food, Wine, and Flavor by François Chartier. Main lesson learned: pairing like with like is a pretty fool-proof approach with wine and food, with only a few exceptions (i.e. pepper). For example, if a wine has hints of coconut and cocoa, then pair it with something with coconut and chocolate. Simple enough!

Many of you probably have Girl Scout cookies at home now or have some ordered and on the way from a friend or relative’s daughter. I will assume that you have some Colorado wine on hand, too. Pairing the two intimidated this former Girl Scout, but plates of cookies lured several other folks who work at the winery to assist me. For your enjoyment, I present to you the pairings that were most enjoyed (comments in parentheses describe the parties in our mouths when the cookie and each wine were combined):

  • Savannah Smiles—zesty lemon cookies—complemented similarly citrusy 47-Ten White (lemon-lime) and 47-Ten Rosé (sunny pink grapefruit, lemon with raspberries). Winemaker Jay discovered a dark horse pairing of these lemon cookies with Lips, describing it as savory, fruity, and rocking!
  • Trefoils—shortbread in the shape of the Girl Scout logo—paired best with our 2009 Port (dark fruit complemented cookie’s butter) and 47-Ten Rosé (strawberry shortcake or strawberries and cream).
  • Thin Mints—peppermint and chocolate—with, wait for it, Cabernet Franc (mint mint)! I was skeptical of success with wine and this cookie, but we all truly enjoyed this pairing. Just try it!
  • Samoas—caramel, toasted coconut, and dark chocolate—was a dream with Apeliotes, which is aged entirely in new American oak, giving it toasted coconut and cocoa flavors just right for this cookie. Runners-up were 47-Ten Rosé (tropical mouth party) and Iapyx (sugar addict throw down).
  • Tagalongs—peanut butter and milk chocolate—gave us childish pleasure with Merlot and 47-Ten Rosé (peanut butter jelly time). Another strong one was Cabernet Sauvignon (grown up PB&J, with more chocolate influence).

We didn’t try pairings with all types of Girl Scout cookies, but believe me when I say this was enough for one day. Most of us had a serious sugar overdose after all of this. Maybe we should have literally followed the Girl Scout slogan of “Do a Good Turn Daily” and just tried one wine and cookie pairing a day. Well, I’m telling you now so you’ll know better, in the spirit of the Girl Scout motto “Be Prepared”! Now go grab your cookies and wine and tell us which wine you pair with your favorites!


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@ Mar 6, 2014 at 9:47 PM
Would never have thought to pair wine with Girl Scout cookies, but it sounds like y'all have come up with some winning combinations. Thanks for sharing!

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