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Canyon Wind Cellars is permanently closed as of August 14, 2016!

However, our adventures continue with our business coaching and consulting company, Tin Sheets | A Business Cultivation Agency, and our travel blog, Tin Sheets to the Wind!

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Tin Sheets was created by two former winemakers, along with their Fine Wine Canine, Finley, to help small businesses find the tools and solutions to reach their full potential. In 2009, we took over a struggling family business and through the implementation of new systems and fresh ideas, grew it to be profitable, and ultimately, successfully sold it in 2016. Throughout our journey as small business owners, we discovered that what we enjoyed most about our work was designing the plans and developing the processes and systems to facilitate change and growth. Once we’d achieved this in our business, we realized that we wanted to help others find the same success.

In 2016, we sold the winery to follow our dream of traveling the country to see the sights and taste the wines from across America. Traveling the open road to find the remnants of the time when America's greatest love was the car and road trips were a way of life, we want to experience Americana, Mid-Century Modern architecture, roadside diners, kitschy curio shops, tourist traps and more!​

Our name, Tin Sheets to the Wind, was born of three sources. It combines the tin (often slang for aluminum) from which our Airstream, Stan, was made; the cliché, three sheets to the wind, an homage to our career as winemakers; and the wind which was vital to our winery and the inspiration for the names of our wines- Canyon Wind Cellars and Anemoi Wines.